Ambassador of Entrepreneurship in Poland. Never Give Up!

Ambasador Przedsiębiorczości w Polsce. Nigdy! Nie poddawaj się.

The book is the effect of cooperation of entrepreneurs who wrote it to inspire and help other entrepreneurs to persistently achieve their goals. Co-authors described here their personal experiences, surprising failures and actions taken. They also answered some important questions. What is entrepreneurship? What is an entrepreneurial way of thinking today? How did entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Walt Disney or Steve Jobs cope with business failures? What were the findings on success as a result of many years of research conducted by the Gallup Institute? What way of thinking is effective in the Polish reality according to 21 business women who are the Entrepreneurship Ambassadors in Poland?

Ambassador of Entrepreneurship in Poland. Never Give Up!We recommend reading the previously unpublished true stories of 21 outstanding business women, who use their own examples to show how entrepreneurs think in crisis situations; how long-term vision, precise goals and self-discipline have influenced their success and how they have built their own recognisable brands and a wide range of regular clients, which has helped them to persevere and be unstoppable, treating failure as a delayed success.

These inspiring entrepreneurship lessons will help us build the right mindset to continue doing business in Poland. The Entrepreneurship Ambassadors in this business guide encourage us: "Never give up, because if you go through the worst moments, you deserve the best".

The book is available in Polish and English.

Beata Drzazga – Founder and President of the Board BetaMed
Beata Bar – Co-owner of the tourist complex Pałac Sulisław
Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz – Prof. extraordinary, Rector WSB Academy
Beata Dethloff – Founder and Proprietress of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Dr Beata Dethloff
Anna Hejka – Founder and President of HEYKA Capital Markets Group
Ewa Jakubczyk-Cały – Founder and Managing Partner PKF Consult
Angelika Jarosławska – Vice President of the National Innovation Cluster of Enterprises
Anna Kolisz – Founder and Vice President ANKOL
Aleksandra Łukomska-Smulska – Founder and Owner Positive Home Real Estate Toruń
Sylwia Mokrysz – Co-owner and Proxy of MOKATE Group
Beata Paszke-Sobolewska – Founder, Co-owner and President of the Board TORQWAY
Ewa Rogozińska – Founder and Owner of the SOWA TRANSLATION HOUSE
Sylwia Romaniuk – Founder and the owner of the Fashion House Sylwia Romaniuk
Kamila Rowińska – Life & Business Coach, the owner of the Rowińska Business Coaching
Julia Strugarek – Co-owner and General Director of INTERPLASTIK
Anna Szczęśniak – Founder and President of SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles
Elżbieta Szymczak-Pijanowska – Founder and President of the Board AGRAF
Alicja Wojciechowska – Founder and owner ALLES
Oksana Yarema – Founder and President of the Management Board FINGROW Consulting Group
Marta Zięba-Szklarska – Founder and owner ŚWIAT KADR
Izabella Żyglicka – Founder and Managing Partner at Kancelaria Żyglicka i Wspólnicy

Anna Hejka - co-author of the book "Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship. Never! Give up" - suddenly and unexpectedly passed away soon before publishing the book. Anna bequeathed a great legacy of knowledge, commitment and genuine passion that will not be forgotten. The idea of development through humanity will be continued by her beloved husband Piotr Pakuła.


Urszula Ciołeszyńska - Founder and President of the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

Special Guest:
Wendy Diamond - Founder and CEO of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organisation