Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2018 in Poland

November 16, 2018

Warsaw, Poland

Organized for the second time, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum is part of the calendar of the world events organised on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day around the world, the main events of which are held at the UN headquarters in New York. The WED initiative is not just one day a year, but a global social movement promoting entrepreneurship among women.

The mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is to promote and support entrepreneurial women by mobilising and engaging both men and women to selflessly share their time, experience, skills, knowledge and financial support (3T: Time, Talent, Treasure).

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is the largest global initiative promoting entrepreneurship and aimed at improving the financial situation of women. The task of the national WED Ambassadors is to oversee and coordinate the activities in over 144 countries, supporting and strengthening the position of business women on every continent. The World WED Ambassadors operate on every continent, representing women in Australia, Ghana, Kenya, Norway, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Uganda and other countries, including Poland.

Poland is represented by two WED Ambassadors, Urszula Ciołeszyńska – founder and President of the Foundation “Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors,” and Sylwia Mokrysz – Member of the Board of MOKATE, Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship.

The motto of WED all over the world is the message, “How Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and New Technologies will strengthen the position of women in business!”

As it was the case last year, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum 2018, whose organizer was the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, took place on Friday, 16 November (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), in the “Hall under the Dome” at the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology (Warsaw, Plac Trzech Krzyży 3).

Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

The Women Entrepreneurship Forum 2018 was held under the honorary patronage
of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz

During the Women Entrepreneurship Forum, a grand promotion of our book “Ambassador of Entrepreneurship in Poland. Never Give Up!” in the Polish and English versions took place.

All co-authors of the book were presented, namely:
Beata Drzazga – Founder and President of the Board BetaMed
Beata Bar – Co-owner of the tourist complex Pałac Sulisław
Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz – Prof. extraordinary, Rector WSB Academy
Beata Dethloff – Founder and Proprietress of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Dr Beata Dethloff
Anna Hejka – Founder and President of HEYKA Capital Markets Groupcały
Ewa Jakubczyk-Cały – Founder and Managing Partner PKF Consult
Angelika Jarosławska – Vice President of the National Innovation Cluster of Enterprises
Anna Kolisz – Founder and Vice President ANKOL
Aleksandra Łukomska-Smulska – Founder and Owner Positive Home Real Estate Toruń
Sylwia Mokrysz – Co-owner and Proxy of MOKATE Group
Beata Paszke-Sobolewska – Founder, Co-owner and President of the Board TORQWAY
Ewa Rogozińska – Founder and Owner of the SOWA TRANSLATION HOUSE
Sylwia Romaniuk – Founder and the owner of the Fashion House Sylwia Romaniuk
Kamila Rowińska – Life & Business Coach, the owner of the Rowińska Business Coaching
Julia Strugarek – Co-owner and General Director of INTERPLASTIK
Anna Szczęśniak – Founder and President of SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles
Elżbieta Szymczak-Pijanowska – Founder and President of the Board AGRAF
Alicja Wojciechowska – Founder and owner ALLES
Oksana Yarema – Founder and President of the Management Board FINGROW Consulting Group
Marta Zięba-Szklarska – Founder and owner ŚWIAT KADR
Izabella Żyglicka – Founder and Managing Partner at Kancelaria Żyglicka i Wspólnicy

The book is a guidebook and is a unique collection of never-before-seen life-inspiring entrepreneurial lessons, supported by the experiences of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors – 21 exceptional women from all over Poland, who are of different ages, run companies on various scales, operate in various industries and develop operations in various countries around the world. All ladies share a similar way of entrepreneurial thinking, which treats failure as a success shifted in time. The PARP report shows that there are over 2 million companies in Poland. Each year, about 360,000 new companies are registered. It is sad that about 287,000 enterprises close down their operation at the same time. Why do some people manage to succeed and others give up? Women who have written this book with us are symbols of financial independence and success and share their own experiences to inspire others to act. The book has been published in Polish and English language versions to promote entrepreneurial women in Poland and their companies on the international arena.

According to this year’s WED, during the event we showed the practical application of new technologies in business – under the slogan “Make friends with Artificial Intelligence … it’s happening – Blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and other technologies in business,” with particular emphasis the FASHION & DESIGN industry, which is currently revolutionized thanks to Blockchain technology. Practical applications of new technologies were presented, including virtual and augmented reality in marketing, artificial intelligence in fashion and automotive industry, international Cityglobe platform, international purchasing platform, the first Blockchain-based bank in the world, new inventions to protect health and the environment.


The whole video footage can be found at the author’s webpage PRESS ŚWIECZAK


Photos by Creative Agency ArteMis

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